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EGOIST - Ricky Reason

With the new single EGOIST, German rapper and singer Ricky Reason has released a cover version of the legendary hit from the 90s by Austrian pop idol FALCO. Produced & mixed by me, Rome Pathé and also live with Ricky's band at future performances.
Listen to EGOIST on Spotify (or any other streaming platform)

Live Is Life - Ricky Reason

80s - OPUS - Live Is Life - an evergreen that everyone knows! Now Ricky Reason has been given permission by none other than OPUS themselves to put a new, modern spin on the global hit, with a version of Live Is Life that has never been seen/heard before. With his mix of rap, melodic vocals, pumping beats & pulsating synthesizers, Ricky not only inspires the old, but also the younger generation.
I had the honor to be involved in this project and produce Ricky's latest single.
The year '22 is all about the 80's and we are happy to be on stage with Live Is Life and finally make music live again and celebrate it together with you!
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Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Season 17

In collaboration with 'HD Music Now' and 'Memory Box Music', three songs off my album 'Electro Vocal Trap Vol.1' have been placed in the series 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. You can hear the tracks 'Chances', 'Cuban Nights' & 'California Dreaming' in Episode 6 Season 17 or on Spotify, Apple Music & Co.

Ricky Reason - Nur Bei Dir (Akustik Version)

Ricky Reason and I wish you all a happy pre-christmas time - even though times are tough at the moment. And so (as a little gift for you) we shot a video to one of Ricky's new songs, called 'Nur Bei Dir', which will also be on his upcoming album in 2021.
We hope that you enjoy the song and wish you all a happy & healthy christmas time with your family & loved ones (within the realms of possibility, of course).
Ricky & Rome ✌️


Ricky & Rome - Brudis Talk | PODCAST

My buddy Ricky Reason and I don't just work together in the music industry, we also started our own podcast, called 'Brudis Talk'.  There we talk about (of course) music, outrage of the week, the best series, movies and Spotify songs of the week, Q&A and many more funny and exctiting topics.
Listen to all episodes on YouTube, Spotify or Apple - and check out our Instagram


Eva Luginger feat. Ricky Reason - Halt Dich Fest

"Halt Dich Fest" is not a typical german hit-song. It sets the course for a new modern era in the 'Schlager' world. The duet by singer Eva Luginger & rapper Ricky Reason combines clubby beats with classical Schlager-harmonies and flowy rap parts.
"Halt Dich Fest"  is available on all streaming platforms.
(Prod. by   Rome Pathé & Ricky Reason  |  Lyrics:   Ricky Reason  |  arranged & co-produced by   Alfons Weindorf)


Brinx Billions - The Need Way

In collaboration with my fellows, Markus 'Cap' Zuefle and Womatictracks, I had the honor to produce a track for Nicki Minaj's artist Brinx Billions which you can hear on his debut album "Driptape".
"The Need Way"  is available on all streaming platforms.



Electro Vocal Trap Vol. 1

In December 2018, the album 'Electro Vocal Trap Vol. 1' was released on all streaming platforms and several Production Music Libraries all over the world. It was produced for the TV and film industry and combines elements of Trap, Pop and EDM.
Take a listen to "California Dreaming" from EVT Vol.1


In collaboration with my songwriting partner Cap, I wrote several songs for german films and their IT-versions in genres from Pop, Singer/Songwriter up to Rock  and EDM. 

My team mate Markus 'Cap' Zuefle and I had the chance to work with the two swiss fashion labels
Rubirosa and True Love – who are now wearing our musical theme.


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